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“Hot Girl Summer” And The Drama That Comes With It…. Trina’s Manager Speaks Out!



IS IT ME, or does anyone else notice that everytime Nicki has a big feature or a song that is about to come out, there is an episode of Queen Radio, and some drama attached to it? Chun Li had her crying over Motorsport and Cardi, Megatron/BAPS had her taking shots at BET (again), and Hot Girl Summer has brought out some hurt feelings from Trina’s camp. I’m not saying it’s all her fault, but she does seem to be conveniently “affected”.

Lets start with the new single. On Friday, up and coming female rapper, Megan The Stallion, released her summer “anthem”, “Hot Girl Summer”. For those that are into the culture, you know Megan has kinda started this wave of the “Hot Girl Summer“. Why she waited to release the song in August and coin the phrase is beyond me. The song features Hip Hop icon, Nicki Minaj. One would think that with the two of these ladies on the same track, you’d get some bars and skills right? Ehh…many didn’t feel that way. You can listen for yourself, here.

Moving right along. Due to having two big female rap names on a collab, something we don’t see very often from Nicki Minaj, the song shot up the iTunes/Apple Music/Spotify charts. All seems good in the hood huh? NOT SO FAST!

Trina’s label (Rockstarr) Head A&R, Reginald Saunders had a lot to say about the matter, as he took to Instagram.

Moral of the story, he didn’t seem to appreciate the way that Nicki is promoting her feature on Megan’s song and rushing to shoot the video for the growing single, while she kinda through Trina’s feature with her to the wolves.

Of course news got back to the Barbs, and they felt the need to attack. All of this conveniently happening before Nicki went live on Queen Radio. With Nicki going live at 3PM EST, Trina’s cousin, Bobby Lytes took to his Instagram to address all the foolishness. He was really just ranting, saying a lot, but not saying much. What he did confirm, is that the video was being stalled by Nicki, as she was hard to get in touch with. He said that when she did respond, it was to ask a random question like, “How much is the radio budget for the song?, but then she would disappear again.

Nicki then went live, and for hours she ranted. Nobody really knows about what, because anybody that can sit through all that foolishness is impressive to me. I mean the girl is yelling, plays the passive aggressive role, and offers up her version of everything she is exposed for. I’m hearing she kinda glazed over it, but didn’t really dig too deep into it. It’s being said that she was trying to shoot the video years ago when it was actually recorded but there was things being stalled on Trina’s end at the time.

The real juice came, when the media guru, Funky Dineva, reached out to Reginald Saunders, and got the exclusive interview on the situation. He did confirm that there were issues with budgets for the video, but that Nicki is actually the one that stalled the video before any of the budget issues came to light. Get into the interview below.

What do I think? I can see both sides. This is one of the problems you would run into if your album is put on the back burner and feel like people should jump back to work when you finally put it out. On the flip side, would it really have killed Nicki to do the video? Even if she didn’t need it and the money wasn’t there, did Nicki REALLY need that money? Trina is about the only female rapper that has repeatedly stood by Nicki’s side since she helped usher her onto the scene with the 5 Star Chick Remix. Nicki could have done it off the strength of their friendship. But let Reginald tell it, she has been a snake behind the scene with Trina the same way she was with other females in the industry. The fact that the first feature was “leaked” and then this video was stalled, as well as the clearances. Somehow when it comes to working with men, we never hear these issues happening. So is it female unity? Or is that all a mask.

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“Super Freaky Girl” gets moved to the Pop Categories at the Grammys… And Nicki “isn’t mad”




According to TheHollywoodReporter,

Minaj originally submitted the track — which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in August — to the rap categories at the Grammys, but the decision was overturned by the Recording Academy’s rap committee, according to a source. That group determined that Minaj’s playful and pop-sounding song sampling Rick James’ 1981 classic “Super Freak” should compete for best pop solo performance instead of rap awards.


In my honest opinion, this was the right move! The song was produced by a Pop producer and it was also promoted as a Pop song. This isn’t an attack on Nicki Minaj, as it has happened across all genres. Some of the more notable people to have this happen would be Kacey Musgraves, The Weeknd, Iggy Azalea, Lil Nas X and so many more.

However, Nicki took to twitter to share her thoughts, per usual:

At this time, Big Energy by Latto, hasn’t been announced which category it will be in. It will likely be in the running for the same Pop awards, based on the fact that Dr. Luke also produced it and the Remix featured Mariah Carey’s rendition of Fantasy, which was also nominated in the Pop category.

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