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Drake Withdraws From The Grammys



Well well, it looks like Drake has chosen to not have his music nominated for Grammys. According to PopCrave, there isn’t any word on why he has made this decision to have his 2 nominations removed.

From my perspective, being that the news broke today, the last day of voting, he may have got the feeling that he wasn’t going to win. Drake dragged this album out over the whole year, only for the album to produce mid level songs. Did it make Billboard history? Sure. But was the quality of music up to par with today’s hottest rap music? Not even close.

Nice beats, and catchy rhymes can only get you so far in the Rap industry. Even the GOATs had to change up their formula after a while, and I think it’s about time for Drake to do the same.

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Jazmine Sullivan is back with “Heaux Tales”




It’s been a while since I’ve updated, moreso because there hasn’t really been much that has moved me…..but you can now consider me “moved”! So lets get into it.

Let me start by saying, I’ve been a long time Jazmine fan. Seriously, since like the beginning, I’ve loved everything she’s provided…. that was until I heard the lead singles from this project. “Lost One” and “Pick Up Your Feelings” really did not move me. The vocals were there but the content had lost my attention, which I understand is ok, not everything is for me. But in comes “Girl Like Me” with H.E.R. and I was back in the fold. The two of them together just sound so beautiful together, it was hard not to keep that song on repeat.

Today, Jazmine released the entire project, Heaux Tales, which she has emphasized that it is an EP/Project and the album will be coming soon. And all I can say is YES! This is a conceptual album, and it works well together. 20 years ago we had what I like to refer to as the women’s empowerment movement (No Scrubs, Independent Women etc, and it feels like we are getting another round of that…just a little more grown.

After the smash hit WAP last year, Jazmine took the baton and ran with it. This project talks about how women can do crazy things for some good dick, how it feels to know when you’ve fucked up, how a woman knows her worth and should be earned, and so many more topics from a woman’s perspective. It really feels like she picked up where she left off on Mascara.

For me… the stand out tracks are Girl Like Me, Put It Down, and The Other Side. Although not my favorite, the internet is buzzing over her collab with Ari Lennox on the song “On It“. Listen below!

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Carl Crawford Speaks Out About The Megan Thee Stallion Situation

Things are heating up as Carl Crawford speaks out about his deal with Megan Thee Stallion, and how she may not be as much as a victim as she claims.




CATCH UP: Megan Thee Stallion has went public about the unfair deal that she signed when she was 20 and just getting started. She states that when entering the deal she didn’t comprehend everything in the contract, BUT she signed it anyways. After signing with Roc Nation back in September, they pointed out some things in her contract that she didn’t understand and she simply requested that the label renegotiates her contract. Megan also stated that she wasn’t allowed to drop music because of the label. First, she alleges that she’s only been paid $15,000 from the label after earning more than a billion streams and selling over 300,000 individual track downloads, which equates to an estimated $7 million.

Megan has sine went to court and had a temporary restraining order placed on the label. The judge ordered 1501 Entertainment “to do nothing to prevent the release, distribution, and sale of Pete’s new records,” along with forbidding any interference with her or her career over social media or through her collaborators or associates

The Facts: Both side have said that in Megan’s contract, she is in a 60/40 deal. They’ve both also said that she did receive 15k from the label.

Carl’s Claims: Carl claims that Megan is flat out lying, and he has the receipts to prove it. Carl states that Megan signed with ROC Nation behind his back, and he found out about it in the media like the rest of the world did.

When it comes to Megan’s Contract:

“Let’s talk about your contract. It’s a great contract for a first-timer,” he offers. “What contract gives parts of their masters and 40% royalties and all that kind of stuff? Ask Jay-Z to pull one of his artists’ first contracts, and let’s compare it to what Megan got… I guarantee they won’t ever show you that.” via Billboard

Carl states that he had nothing to do with Megan’s contract. He says Megan’s mother (who passed last year) and T. Farris actually negotiated her contract with his lawyers and they came up with the numbers. Megan is in a 360 deal where there was a 70/30 split, with the label getting the 70%. The only reason that makes sense is because they also gave her a 60/40 split on her masters.

Now to put that in perspective, that is quite a solid deal, being that most artists don’t own any of their masters, especially not on their first album/works. It took Rihanna like 7-8 albums before she owned all of her masters. Chris Brown as well.

Carl also addresses the fact that she states she’s only been paid 15k.

How she been paid $15,000? As soon as we signed to 300, I wrote her a check for $50,000, and it’s signed with her name on the check. We can show you the proof. That’s another thing — I got all my receipts. They know it. I got all the receipts. We gave her a $10,000 advance when we first signed her and gave it to her mother. I don’t know what happened [with that]. 300 gave us a $200,000 check when we first signed. I gave her $50,000 of it. I didn’t have to give her that. That was mine at the time.

Now let’s be honest, when you look at Megan Thee Stallion, in comparison to other female rappers on the come up, she did have some kind of money behind her. Everything from the features with Wale, the EP buzz around Tina Snow, and the “payola” deal that had Hot Girl Summer being played on iHeartRadio every hour on the hour the day of it’s release…. and securing the biggest debut and chart position of her career. Lets just say she didn’t get all that because of her talent. Not saying she isn’t talented, BUT talent only gets you so far.

Lets just sit back and see where this goes…

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Trey Songz Facing $10 Million Lawsuit for Alleged Sexual Assault




Trey Songz is looking at a multi-million dollar lawsuit for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman.

Per documents obtained by The Blast, Songz (birth name Tremaine Neverson) is being sued by an unnamed Georgia woman. According to the lawsuit, the incident took place on Jan. 1, 2018. The singer reportedly invited her to Miami’s E11even night club after celebrating New Year’s Eve at Diddy’s house. It was in his VIP section at E11even where the assault is said to have taken place.

[Songz] sexually assaulted and battered Jane Doe by proceeding to forcefully place his hand under her dress, without her consent, and attempting to insert his fingers into Jane Doe’s vagina without her consent or permission,” the lawsuit reads.

The victim went on to claim she was not the only woman subjected to assault. Per the documents, another woman confided in her that Songz put his hands down her pants as well. The second victim told the unnamed woman that Songz forcefully touched her butt without consent.

Neverson intentionally created an offer of bodily injury to Plaintiff by force under circumstances that created a well-founded fear of imminent peril in Plaintiff and Neverson had the present ability to effectuate his attempts to produce bodily injury towards Plaintiff when he reached under her skirt and attempted to insert his fingers into her vagina,” the lawsuit claims.

Songz alleged attack has led the Jane Doe to seek more than $10 million from the artist. These damages are the result of the assault and battery as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

This is not the first time Trey Songz has been tangled up in a legal battle regarding a woman. In September, the alleged victim of a domestic assault at the hands of Songz dropped her lawsuit. Andrea Buera claimed that the assault took place during All-Star Weekend in 2018. The singer’s legal team claimed that he acted in self-defense and Buera eventually ended her lawsuit.

My Opinion:
Now I’m not one to victim blame, but nowhere am I reading that she ever said “no” or “stop”. Maybe the two of them was vibing and he got the signals crossed. Was he wrong? Sure! BUT, at what point of drinking this sexy man’s liquor, being in his section, going to party privately with him, did you let him know that sex wasn’t gonna happen? How do you let this man get his hands under your dress and into your vagina…and never say no or stop? Trey is a sex god, and any woman getting this type of treatment from him should probably assume he is trying to get sex from her…so you might wanna let him know it aint gon happen.

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