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The First Full “Black Panther” Trailer Is Here……And It’s Exciting!



One of the most highly anticipated movies is on it’s way, and we can honestly say that we haven’t been more excited!

In the trailer we see Michael B. Jordan’s character, Erik Killmonger, trying to dethrone the Black Panther (played by Chadwick Boseman). All i can say is wow. These trailers have been nothing short of breath taking, and every time we get just a little more of a glimpse into the world of the Black Panther, the excitement rises a little more.

This will be the first Marvel film to feature a predominately black cast, and I am here for it! The director is Ryan Coogler, who is known for his other amazing films with Jordan (Creed, Fruitvale Station).

The question is…..

Are You Ready?

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Movie Review: Without Remorse




Yesterday, Amazon released the long awaited film, “Without Remorse“.

A little background about this movie. Plans to shoot this movie started back in the 90s. Some of the biggest action movie heavy hitters have been attached to this movie in some way shape or form. People like Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, and Gary Sinise. For years, nothing happened with this movie, until 2012 when Tom Hardy and Kevin Costner were tied to the movie. Then in 2018 Michael B. Jordan was announced as the lead role, and would star in a two part series, Without Remorse and Rainbow Six. The film was shot from October 2019 – October 2020. Due to the pandemic there were breaks in filming of course.

Now about the movie! I’ll say this movie, for me, was refreshing. Does Hollywood have any idea how tired people are of all these black lead movies revolving around racism and slavery? Like yeah, we get it, there are stories to be told, and they should be. But every once in a while, we do enjoy just seeing shit get blown the fuck up! We showed out in record breaking numbers to see Black Panther, because for once it was just great black cinema that doesn’t remind us of the world we live in every day. Coincidentally, Michael B Jordan was in there too.

Although, Michael did a great job acting, the movie is still pretty bland overall. It’s more of a feel good, something to look at type of movie, and less of a blockbuster. In other words, if I had to pay to see this in the theaters, I’m not sure I would be ok with giving them my money. Being that it’s on streaming services, I am ok with it, although I do believe it would have done good in the box office. I just think the material was a little predictable and

I must also note that I was really happy to see Jodie Turner-Smith. It took me a minute to realize why she seemed so familiar, then in one random frame it hit me… that’s “Queen” from Queen & Slim. This melanin and dynamic between the two characters just did something for me.

Overall, I’d give the movie a 3.5/5. The storyline wasn’t too exciting, but the acting was giving what it was supposed to have gave. And #JusticeForLaurenLondon, she never gets the screen time she deserves.

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Antonique Smith covers ENSPIRE Magazine Fashion Issue




ENSPIRE Magazine, the independent positive lifestyle publication dedicated to highlighting those who are making a difference in their communities, will release its first ever fashion issue in April 2021. The issue focuses on the fashion industry adapting to the current times and how they’ve overcome the drastic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grammy-nominated, critically acclaimed Broadway, film, and television star Antonique Smith is our cover girl for ENSPIRE Magazine’s first ever Fashion issue. With starring roles on Broadway (Rent) to breakout roles in major box office films (Notorious), and a critically acclaimed performance as Aretha Franklin’s mother in National Geographic’s Genius: Aretha , It should be very clear why she’s our cover star
The New Jersey native exudes female empowerment in every way possible on and off screen, which she does easily does with poise and grace as you can see. Get into her cover story as she opens up about her journey to Hollywood as a women , her love of fashion , her starring role in Genius : Aretha, being an activist for climate change , Black Lives Matter and so much more in the new issue available for purchase now via Magcloud Here

Excerpt from cover story

What do you feel is your power when it comes to being a woman? What is the best thing about being a woman?

One good thing about being a woman, the ability to feel and empathize, is on another level. Men are generally a bit more analytical which is cool, but feeling and being able to feel others are still important, even in making decisions and being able to understand people – to understand situations. You know, emotional intelligence, women have a great deal of that. And so I think that’s why we make great leaders. I think that’s why, you know, we make great mothers. And I think that’s one of our great assets, as a woman, is our ability to feel and empathize.

Now with that being said, women love fashion! And this is, you know, a fashion issue. You, Antonique, you’re very quick to wear something white, whether it’s a gown or outfit you know, you – you love your clothing. What do you love about fashion and what makes you want to get dressed up? What would you consider your style to be?

Well first of all getting dressed, makes you feel bright and shining. You know you glow, you spruce it up. And so, I like to wear white because I just feel more like I’m glowing even though it’s almost like my inner light is on the outside when we’re in white. And so that’s why I wear it so much although I’m aware of (other) colors here and there. I think I’m always gonna wear bright colors because I just want to shine. I want my inner light to shine out. And so the clothes are just really an outward representation of how I feel or how I want to or the feeling that I want to project. Now obviously you don’t always feel like a leg, but the clothes help that… I think that’s the beauty of fashion, it can signify how you want to feel, even if you don’t feel that way. It can either express how you do feel or help you, you know, help you express how you’d like to feel. And I think for me that’s one of the wonderful things about fashion.

This Fashion Issue will also feature men, women, and youth, (BIPOC & LGBTQ inclusive) who have built brands in their respective fields within the fashion industry. ENSPIRE looked for those whose passion came from something personal, an experience or a dream and they could build from it.

Among those who will be featured is designer Brandi Russell Wallace of Sacred Heart Collections, FUBU co-founder J. Alexander Martin, New York fashion designer Mugzy McFly of Signed by McFly, African fashion designer Fatim Sylla of Sirani’s Fashion and designer Paris Campbell for her new Cultural Pride Fabrics collaboration with JOANN.

Keep up to date with Enspire Magazine on social media
Instagram : @EnspireMagazine
Twitter: @EnspireMag
Facebook : ENSPIRE Magazine

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Oscars 2021




Whew, it’s so good to be back to live shows.

Check out photos from the red carpet:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the preshow, H.E.R. performed her Oscar nominated song, “Fight For You“, from the Oscar nominated film, Judas And The Black Messiah.

Congrats to Daniel Kaluuya for winning his very first Academy Award

Huge congrats to H.E.R. tonight as her and Tiara Thomas won for Best Song! H.E.R. becomes the second black woman to win this award.

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